Celine Mortensen



Welcome to my world. My name is Celine Mortensen. I love animals a LOT. All animals. I have a dog, cat, fish and my beloved pony, Silver. I am still in school, but I also act, perform and model a lot.   So I have many names and characters…that is what’s great and fun about acting. My dream is to live on a ranch, where it is hot and I can have many animals. My dream is also to play a supergirl, where I help kids and animals. I love action movies and series like “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale”   

Thank you for visiting my page – let’s stay in touch on social media. But first check out my page – write me, if you have any questions or requests. Especially, if you have a role, where I ride horses in it…laughing.

THANK YOU and have a nice day. 

Reel 2019