Celine Mortensen is a Danish young actress born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Celine had her first model job at the age of two years old and her first acting job at three years old. Celine has performed as a circus artist since she was 7 years old. Celine has by the age of 12 co-starred with actors like Mads Mikkelsen, Lars Mikkelsen, Rasmus Bjerg, Tommy Kenter, Lars Ranthe, Sofie Gråbøl, Katrine Greis- Rosenthal, Mille Dinesen, Finn Nielsen, Uffe Holm, Christian Fuhlendorff, Hr. Skæg, Rosa, Christian, Motor Mille / DR’s Ramasjang TV kids Channel hosts. (DK’s equivilant to Disney Channel)

Celine’s primary language is Danish, but fluent in English. Celine was taught Norwegian for Tadpoles. Besides acting Celine is a circus contortionist, trapeze artist, practices Wing Tsun, horse owner, sings and dance, bicycling and snorkeling all over the world like Thailand, Egypt, Bahamas, Turkey and is an avid world traveler. Celine will take you down with her strength, strong mind, will and intensity. Fearless and most end up asking: “Is there something you can’t do?

Celine loves acting and everything she puts her mind to…with more than 89 animals in her life Celine is a true animal whisperer with great empathy for all animals and people. Strong memorization, easy learner and takes directions well.



*Nominated actress from at 8 years old for her performance in Real Strength.

*Behold, Such Clown, Doc. series of portray of Karen Blixen, Rita are all nominated
and award winning shows/films. Commercial for Danish Broadcasting won gold prize at

Promax Awards 2019.


Special Skills: Acting, singing, modeling, hosting, dancing – Hip Hop/Girlie style contortionist, gymnastics, yoga, equestrian-horseback rider/owner, show jumping, martial arts – Wing Tsun, Kung Fu, watersports, animal whisperer, bicycling, trampoline, trapeze artist, aerobics, body surfing, mountain biking, hula hoop, ice skating, running, snorkeling, snow skiing, swimming – backstroke/diving/freestyle.

Hobbies: Afterschool program where 89 animals live, circus / gym, singing lessons-private teacher.

Training: Theater / private dialect, acting lessons.

Languages: Danish & English – was taught Norwegian for short film Tadpoles (2020). Familiar with German, French, Swedish

: British, Irish, German, American, Southern U.S. English




Biography: Celine Mortensen is an actress, known for Det andet liv (2013), Når støvet har lagt sig (2020) and Rita (2012). See full bio >>
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